Export NSF to PST To Ease Data Accessibility

Email communication has become one of the most popular and widely used means of communication among professionals, organizations and home users. Though the market is flooded with a number of email clients, the two most popular email clients remain MS Outlook and Lotus Notes. MS Outlook scores over Lotus Notes and maintains the first position in the email client race.

MS outlook is the most popular email clients used across small, medium and large organizations worldwide. Some of the reasons as to why organizations are focusing on Lotus Notes export to Outlook are as follows:

  • In Lotus Notes, the installation cost is very high. However, installation cost in MS Outlook is considerably low.
  • In Lotus Notes, the maintenance cost is high, whereas Outlook has a low maintenance cost.
  • Most of the users are unfamiliar with Lotus Notes. However, majority of users are familiar with Outlook.
  • Using Lotus Notes is not easy and sometimes require special training which adds to the organizations training costs.
  • Training cost is quite low in Outlook.
  • Since MS Outlook comes as part of the MS Office suite, you need not purchase it.

Thus, a look at the aforementioned points, and we can make out as to why MS Outlook is more popular choice among majority of organizations, professionals and home users.

Now that we know the reasons behind the Export NSF to PST, we must understand that proper planning is a must prior to Lotus Notes Export to Outlook. A planned approach benefits the organization in many ways. Thus, it is not advisable to go for the Export NSF to PST, without proper planning.

Below mentioned are some useful tips before you start Export NSF to PST or Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion :